Following the fitment of sliding doors to your tobacco gantry in 2014 and 2015 you may have had to sign to extend your contract with the supplying tobacco company for another number of years.


Some of those contracts are coming to an end and the same companies would like to retain their control of the gantry, the space and you store's backline.


They may offer to swap the gantry or use the empty space to fit a vape fixture dedicated to their vape brands.


This comes at a time when you may want to make changes to reflect the EUTPD and plain packet legislation or make some general improvements to your store or forecourt shop.




Reduce the tobacco gantry size to one suitable for your current and soon to be future range ( menthol, dual and capsule range to be banned from May 2020)


In the process of reducing your gantry size you can have more profitable items on sale on the backline


Make the whole process of selecting and serving cigarettes easier for you and your staff


Enable the management of the most expensive catgory in your store to be more effective and easier


Make more profit on your cigarette sales


Protect your most valuable stock from theft and robbery


In short fit a smart tobacco gantry.....


If you have a contract for your current sliding door or flap type gantry you may have to pay a penalty fee to the tobacco company to make the change or remove the gantry.  This will be outlined in the small print of the contract you may or may not have signed.


If you are the business owner and you did not sign a renewal contract when the slding door or flaps were fitted, then the contract may be nul and void, its worth checking and talking about it with your tobacco gantry company representative.


With this in mind it is suggested that moving on you dont renew or re sign for revised gantry until you have considered alternatives.






Shop owners within the retail groups below have our systems fitted and are future-proofing their tobacco sales, the articles below sum up the benefits. Just click the squares below for the link

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