Tobacco Dispenser Media Screens

They come in two types


Large 40" portrait formats suitable for commercial advertising as they fit the same formats as shopping mall and digital media 


Smaller 24" landscape formats suitable for in store marketing and can link up to existing in store media promtions


HD Media player is simple to use requireing just PowerPoint presentations saved to a movie format.  It is easy to make you own showreel and promote your in store deals and local community events to everyone who stands at the till

There are many options available to suit your business, the screen systems are fitted at the same time as your dispenser order as retro fitting is not possible

EPOS - What systems will integrate and control the Tobacco dispensers

Point Four EPOS - Full Integration and media available


Micros/Oracle/Torex - both IR1 and IR2 systems integrate with the upgrades available from both TLM and P&C Services


Tokheim - Full integration and media available


NCR - Via Herbert Group


CPOS - Full integration available


MSP - Full integration and media available


Cunninghams - Full integration available


Nisa Epositive - Full integration available


VME - Full integration available


Re Scan - Full integration available


HTEC - Full integration available on all their range


Leaders - Full integration available


Appleby Westward Sparpos - Full integration available


CJ Lang Sparpos - Full integration available


Coming soon -


M House EPOS


Retail Data Partnership






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